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Self Marketing & CV Generation

Why Self Marketing?

It is imperative that you are clear on what you offer to a potential employer and how best to promote yourself. Having a unique selling point (USP) is all about developing your personal brand. This is what makes you different to everyone else whether seeking a promotion or finding a new job.

Ultimately your CV will be your marketing tool so it is critical that you construct a strong CV that presents your career details in an engaging and impressive way.

CV Generation

Your CV is an essential tool in your job search and will be your first contact with a potential employer.

Your CV must effectively sell you to an employer and must convince them that:
  • You have the skills and experience they are looking for
  •  You have held responsibility in the past
  •  Your work history is marked by achievements
  •  You have progressed throughout your career
  • How are people likely to react?

Career Consultants will help you to:
  • Complete a full CV review to identify your range of skills and abilities, experience to date, achievements, specific expertise and transferable skills
  • Provide expert advice on your CV structure, format and layout
  • Ensure the content of your CV is clear, concise and relevant to the role(s) you are applying for
  • Advice on how to write a good profile which summarizes what you have achieved and how you can add value to an employer
  • Ensure that you have captured your key achievements from your current and previous positions and communicated them effectively