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Workshop Outlines
  • Administering the MBTI® Form M Self-Scorable Instrument
  • Explaining and Verifying MBTI® Results
  • Do some exercises to help you see how the types differ from one another and to help you clarify your type.
  • Activities Based on the following organizational practices:
    • Improving communication, (The E–I dichotomy)
    • Using different types of information, (The S–N dichotomy)
    • Making better decisions, (The T–F dichotomy)
    • Time management styles, (The J–P dichotomy)
  • You will use your self-assessment, your results, and the Introduction to Type® booklet to decide which type fits best for you.
  • Activities on the following organizational practices:
    • Work Environment
    • Contribution to the team
    • Communication / Conflict
    • Change Management / Learn or do a new job