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Why Career Counseling?

Objectives for Career counseling Activities
We recommend following our steps if you want to discover about yourself...

  • Take the Psychometric Assessment guided by our experts .
  • Find Your Gifts and Talents through a written report & feedback interview.
  • Know your Personal Area to Develop.
  • Confirm Your Occupational Interests using the "RIASEC Code" guided by our experts .
  • Review occupations that match your talents, gifts & interests through a written report & feedback interview.
  • Review the Occupational Job Descriptions including (scope, tasks, knowledge, interests) guided by our experts .
  • Affirm your career or get ready to prepare for a different career .
  • Take actions to prepare acquiring the needed Occupational Competencies required for the chosen occupation guided by our experts .
  • Update your resume to reflect the skills you excel at.
  • Search Targeted occupations in the employment market.